Our history

ST-milan is a recently created business, but one that already boasts solid roots in the exciting business venture started by the family Tosana in 1956.

The Tosana family was already involved in the production of textiles and curtains and in the sales of the best textile yarns available at the time. In fact, they were some of the first to acknowledge the growing interest in synthetic fibers in those years and encouraged a niche production in the emerging world of “tulle”.

In the first half of the 1950s a family friend, who was visiting from the United States, brought a sample of an absolute novelty for the Italian market: a pair of nylon stockings.

At the time, nylon stockings were still relatively unknown in Italy and the future entrepreneur was struck by the uniqueness of the material that possessed the necessary characteristics to replace silk, while ensuring a good level of performance. Of course, for the young man who had no deep knowledge in the field at that time, it was more of an intuition. Synthetic fibers were indeed to change the face of textile production in Italy and in the world. Something had to be done to seize this extraordinary opportunity.

Ahead of its time, the Tosana family began production of Tulle
The birth

From the combination of intuition and a long tradition emerged Confart Tulle. The processing of synthetic fibers was in its infancy. The result was good overall, yet small defects hindered an optimal use of the fabric, however this made the tulle perfect for splitting into small portions. From this apparent critical defect, inspiration for the production of formats for favors was born.

Confart embarked on the road of preparing tulle veils in church, in harmony with the habits and customs followed by women at the time.
The first milestone

This choice allowed Confart to use up to 90% of the material produced. Thanks to the professionalism and care used in manufacturing, Confart Tulle became the first company in the production of tulle that was awarded the prestigious quality mark SCALA GOLD RHODIA TOCE issued by Rodhia Toce, then the only dealership in Italy of the NYLON brand (Nylon 66).

A strong desire for diversification and adaptation of tulle according to market needs and trends of fashion, lead the company to success.
The strong point

Thanks to the implementation of increasingly sophisticated technologies and ever more efficient machinery, production reached high levels of quality. The company's development lead to a reliable and first-rate quality, which was appreciated more and more on the Italian and international markets, by consumers and the best companies in the packaging sector of tulle articles: clothing, decorations, gifts, wedding dresses, articles fashion, petticoats, gifts and wedding favors.

The evolution

In the 2000s the family business tradition continued with the second generation, which focused on research, dynamism and creativity, resulting in a strong expansion of the potential and fields of application of tulle.
In 2008 the first signs of globalization emerged, realizing that now the market would require innovation and efficiency combined with a greater range of complementary articles, the company implemented a series of international synergies alongside a new facility, dedicated to the import of ribbons for packaging, ST-trade.
A few years later further articles were added, such as decorations, flowers, bags for a varied and complete variety of proposals, in all, a wide selection of items to excite and give unique elegance to any decoration.

A perfect mix of Italian quality and international creativity serving a select clientele who wants only the best!

In 2015, our facilities were brought together on the market under the brand name ST-milano.
Experience in the tulle world that can only come from a tradition of over 60 years.